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  • Protect It!® 5-Outlet Surge Protector with 2 USB Ports, 6ft Cord

Protect It!® 5-Outlet Surge Protector with 2 USB Ports, 6ft Cord

  • Brand: Tripp Lite
  • Product Code: TRPTLM526USBB
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  • EC$125.00

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The Tripp Lite TLM526USBB Protect It! 5 Outlet Surge Protector with 2 USB Ports and 6 ft. Cord is the ideal surge protector for your home, office, retail or industrial workstation. It features a surge protection rating of 450 Joules to defend your sensitive electronic components against power surges and spikes. Plug your computer, printer, wireless router, desk lamp and other home/office electronics into 5 NEMA 5-15R outlets to protect them against dangerous surges, spikes and line noise. This surge protector with 2 USB ports is ideal for keeping your devices at full capacity. 2 USB-A ports are available for charging your smartphone, tablet and other USB mobile devices, which are also protected while charging from the damaging effects of surges, spikes and line interference. Various electromagnetic and radio sources found in virtually every home and business can cause disruptive interference on the AC line. Known as EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference), this line noise is a common cause of performance problems. So this surge protector filters out disruptive line noise that can disturb your electronics and inflict hardware damage or data loss. This EMI/RFI filtering also helps your connected components perform better with longer lifespans. The lighted on/off switch provides 1 touch control over connected equipment. Automatic shutoff permanently cuts power to outlets if protection circuit is incapacitated, preventing equipment damage and indicating replacement is required. This surge protector with 6 ft. cord and a straight NEMA 5-15P plug gives you flexibility in placing the unit away from the nearest wall outlet. Keyhole slots incorporated into the bottom panel provide convenient wall or desk mounting options for the black metal housing.

  • 5 NEMA 5-15R outlets distribute AC power to connected home/office equipment
  • 450 Joules protect valuable electronics against dangerous surges & spikes
  • 4 USB ports share 3.4A for fast charging of phones, tablets & other mobile devices
  • Lighted on/off switch for 1-touch control over connected equipment
  • Durable metal housing designed to stand up in harsh environments, such as warehouses
  • 6ft cord with NEMA 5-15P straight plug allows flexibility in placing devices away from AC outlet
  • Lifetime limited warranty with $10,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance
  • Includes owner's manual

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