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Reward Points

The Computer Store rewards you for ordering online with us.


We offer cash credits reward points to our repeat customers. You can earn One (1) point for every dollar spent online. Reward points become dollars every 3 months when you can redeem points towards future purchases. The points equal 2% of the purchases.


We appreciate your business and we would like to reward you for it. So shop and save, those cash reward points can add up pretty fast.


Rewards credit can only be used for retail purchases online or in-store. It cannot be used for services or deliveries.


But there is more, purchase online using a credit and you can receive double reward points.


If for any reason the product is not available and you would like to leave a deposit you can order and with a 50% deposit you will receive double reward points.


Thank you for being a loyal customer of The Computer Store (Gda) Ltd.  We hope you will enjoy getting more value from this cash credit reward for your loyalty.


We look forward to providing you with an outstanding experience.